Scott Jansen – 100k Coaching Shortcut Secret Download

Scott Jansen – 100k Coaching Shortcut Secret Download
Scott Jansen – 100k Coaching Shortcut Secret Download

Scott Jansen – 100k Coaching Shortcut Secret Free Download –

My ‘Secret Shortcut’ To A 6 Figure Coaching, Hypnotherapy & NLP Business…(Without seeing back to back clients & giving away free sessions EVER!) 

When You Join 100K Coaching Shortcut Program, You Get Full & Immediate Access To:

Module 1: FOUNDATIONS FOR 100K COACHING Setting the 6 figure foundation & Pricing your service In week one we cover the fundamental laws of building a hypnotherapy and coaching business, so that you understand the action behind everything. Once a clear understanding is established we get to work on the foundations of your exact business. The foundations are things like: Picking your niche, crafting your offer, resonating your message and testing everything in the marketplace to get feedback and iterate/improve until offer-market fit is achieved.   
*General housekeeping and how to use the program*The anatomy of a coaching and hypnotherapy business*Viewing your market and niche*Getting clear on your transformation*Getting clear on your niche, offer and result*Getting clear on your high priced marketing message*Getting clear on your point of difference*Getting clear on your price with MOS*Payment plans options*Setting your price ($1000-$2500 per client)

Module 2: HOW WE GET PAYING CLIENTS (FREE) All about getting high paying CLIENTS for free In week two we discuss the art and science of attracting clients to your business with free marketing using social media. From grass roots strategies you can implement immediately and for free through to hot niche campaigns that will have your audience see you as the only living and breathing expert that can solve their problem. Week two shows you how to attract hot, ready to buy customers to your coaching and hypnotherapy business in droves and turn them into paying client with 1 phone call.
*How we use our organic method to find & book in clients (quickly)*Hunting – Growing your social networks*Proving – Positioning your expertise to the right clients – Expert profiles*Contacting – Generating 15 min calls*Closing – doing strategy sessions and making money*Setting up your booking system and survey with ‘simplybookme’*Using the strategy call script*Iterating the strategy call script*How to deal with objections*How to get paid in full*30 Day Attack schedual for your first $10,000 month (no paid ads)

Module 3: BECOME THE APEX PREDATOR AND TAKE OVER YOUR NICHE Turning your business into a well oiled machine In week three we teach you a new paradigm in business that is so profoundly different that its like seeing for the first time.  We discuss why most peoples thinking and beliefs are flawed and destructive and how you can rewire your entire brain so that it helps you not sabotages you. This part of the program will change your life. 
*Know thy enemy as thyself*Denial – the virus of all suffering and pain​*Facing the music – Breaking free of your old reality​ *The mirror of life and success​ *Life and business connections​*Systemise & standardise your life and business (6 figure thinking)*Systemizing your life – Building your life archetype​*Environment – Optimizing for default patterns​ *Routine – automating success​ *Delegating – Hiring where it hurts​

Module 4: BUILDING YOUR 100K ASSET How to make money and book appointments 24/7 In week 4 we teach you how to build and set up your 100K asset for offline and automatic sale. You will put into action an automated funnel that will break down your potential clients false believes and objections that cause them not to buy, and turn total strangers into high paying clients even while you sleep.
*Your lean business asset*Creating your success video funnel and automation for offline sales*Designing your 3 secrets for your success video*Setting up your lean asset*Choosing your business and domain name for your business *Setting up your business website  *Success video instructions (and PowerPoint download)

Module 5: THE ECONOMIC MACHINE Turn you and your business into a ‘high performance money making machine’In week five we discuss how to structure the service delivery and operations of your business so that you can service your clients, deliver jaw dropping results while keeping your sanity and high profit margins.
*Economic machine at high level​*Feeding the machine: ROI feedback​ *Systems tracking – knowing your numbers​ *Lean thinking​ process*Building your ‘personal’ asset​*Long term winning in business

BONUS WEEK 6 THE EVOLUTION TO LEVEL UP During week 6 bonus, Scott will introduce you to the next evolution you can make in your business and how to take over your entire niche. Included how to evolve past 1-1 services and deliver group coaching and online programs that can be sold worldwide through webinars and group sales. If you are ready to destroy and embarrass your compeition this evolution is the key

BONUS 1: I Will Train Your VA Spend $5-$10 per day to make 1000% ROI In this bonus I teach you how to hire a ‘$5 per day VA’ that will take over your social media and find you as many ‘ready to buy clients’as you can handle.
*How to hire your first VA*How to train your VA to start making money*How to get 1000%+ ROI for as many $1000 clients as you can handle

BONUS 2: ‘YouTube Channel Blueprint’ for attracting more free clients Turn YouTube followers into clients*My simple to follow system to start, grow, and monetize your YouTube audience into paying clients (free) – We will build your channel from scratch!

BONUS 3: My ‘Killer Testimonial and Interview Templates & Scripts Turn testimonials into paying clients In this bonus I teach you how to interview and collect testimonials from your satisfied clients and turn their experience with you into high paying referrals.
*Killer testimonial template* Killer testimonial interview and video template* How to showcase testimonials to turn strangers into clients

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